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SSI Sends Plays to the Huddle

Everybody likes a good list to start a discussion. I want this website to be unique. First of all, make it enjoyable for the coaches, players, fans and parents. I am ready to unveil my first list and will add others into next week as we celebrate kickoff of the season!

SITUATION: It is 3rd and short. I send the play into the huddle.... who do I want to get the ball to? Who can get me that one or two yards to keep the chains moving? ***This list will continue to grow as the season plays out***

Jacob Imming senior (SBL) Fullback

Sir Brandon Watts sophomore (Bishop Heelan) RB

Anthony Newquist sophomore (MVAOCOU) dual threat QB

Tyler Smith junior (SBL) dual threat QB

Noah Preston senior (Dakota Valley) RB

Matt Peters senior (Lawton-Bronson) RB

Carter Bultman junior (West Sioux) RB

Cade Fisher senior (BHRV) RB


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