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After falling short last week to Council Bluffs AL the Wolverines keep a positive mindset going into their game this week Vs South Sioux City. Hear from OL/DL Jacob Uhl, RB/DB Alonso Cota, and RB/DB Shamar Harrell on things they gathered from week one to implement for week two.

Jacob Uhl, SR:

  • Despite the loss what were some key points you guys were able to take away from week one?

Jacob: "yeah i feel like we only made a few mistakes and were still a few plays away from winning that game, if we clean those up we are confident going into Friday"

  • Taking on South Sioux City who put up 46 points in the upset to Sioux City North, from a defensive line prospective how can you limit Tony Palmer?

Jacob: "just contain the outside, i think our Linebackers have done a great job at that and as far as inside we know we need to stuff the gaps and make it difficult to get any yards"

Alonso Cota, JR:

  • What things in film did you see that needed to be addressed in practice this week?

"Offensively we just need to sustain drives making sure we bring the ball in on every pass and continue to run the ball aggressively. On Defense i thought especially in the second half we played really well and if we can continue that into this Friday we will be successful"

  • With your Position at Linebacker what does your group need to do to contain South Sioux City's rushing attack?

"Mainly just forcing runs back inside we cant let them get lose our Dline does a great job but if a hole opens up fill it because we know they run well inside and out"

Shamar Harrell, SR:

  • After your week one performance of over 100yards rushing and 2 Tds how do you think the offense did as a whole?

"One thing i noticed that was different from last year is that we never gave up. we had each others backs and didn't stop playing until the clock hit zero"

  • What game plan do you have this week to continue running as well as you have?

"Just hit holes hard, read my blockers and let my talent do the rest"

  • Secondary wise what do you guys need to do to stop South Sioux City?

"Trying to stop or limit palmer will be huge but their Quarterback is very elusive as well so we have to make sure we keep them in check"


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