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Off to a 2-0 start, the biggest test yet comes to Memorial Field Friday night 7:00 PM as Heelan hosts Sioux City East. The Rivalry has been lopsided as of late but the Crusaders are eager for the challenge. Hear from WR/LB Max Delaney, TE/DE Kannon Bork, and WR/K/P George Tsiobanos on what has to happen to end the skid against the Black Raiders.


Max Delaney:

  • What have you seen Defensively through the first eight quarters of play?

"Our Defensive line has been able to move the line of scrimmage back helping us to contain the running back on the outside and forcing them back inside for limited yardage."

  • How do you guys feel starting 2-0 now going into the Rivalry game?

"I love our game plan, I think it will work out well come Friday"

  • Versus the East rushing attack what will you and your fellow Linebackers need to do to limit East's run game?

"Filling the gaps and taking away the lanes will be huge, we need to contain the outside run and defensively keep everything in front."

Kannon Bork:

  • As we sit her Wednesday only a few days until kickoff, do you like how the tempo and feel of practice has been?

"Yeah, mainly getting our schemes down getting to where we are going to attack both sides of the ball, we have been solid so far."

  • The connection between you and Olson has started off strong through two games, do you see opportunities for you two come kickoff?

"I feel like there is no secret to what we are trying to do on offense. Whatever look we get we will adjust and go after any holes we see."

  • From your Defensive End spot what do you see from East that will be the main point of emphasis?

"They are a heavy pass team we just need to try to limit the big plays and secure the run when we see it."

George Tsiobanos:

  • With being a great kicker and punter what does it do to a game like this that could be decided by field position and turnovers?

"The key for me is to make the opposing offense drive 80 - 90 yards down the field. The higher the yardage that needs to be driven results in fewer conversions so my job is to keep them on the other side of the field."

  • Field Goal wise what do you think you are good from?

"Still wind I like 40-yards or fewer I'm confident in just making sure I don't push it or pull it is key"

  • What does it feel like having a fellow senior at Quarterback like Olson?

"We are both really close in school and on the field. Playing with one another these last few years has grown the chemistry and we are a strong unit together"

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