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SSI Football: 2023 Player Profiles! Demarico Young Sioux City North!

Welcome to our new series to kickoff our camp coverage. Checkout this profile of senior RB/CB Demarico Young who is lightning in a bottle on offense and a skilled corner in the defensive secondary. Young continues to chase his dream of being a college football player. Written by Mitch McCumber.


Senior Demarico Young: RB/CB @ Sioux City North

Actions speak louder than words and that couldn't be more true for Demarico

Young. Record breaking year after record breaking year Young has the Playoffs in

mind for this year's North Stars. Young rushed for (1,191) yards and (18) scores which capped off an amazing junior year for Young, who looks to always work on speed drills to keep shaving time off his impressive 40-yard dash. Without Dean and Dawn Habhab and his teammates; Young wouldn't be where or who he is today. He said the two of them truly changed his life and now all he wants to do is help others and pay it forward. Young's Nonprofit the Demarico Young Foundation may be more impressive than his football stats and that's saying something.

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