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SSI Football: 2023 Player Profiles! Keagan Augustine (SC East)

Welcome to our new series to kickoff our camp coverage beginning on Monday, August 7th when football camp officially starts in the state of Iowa. Written by Mitch McCumber!


SR. Keagan Augustine: TE/DE @ Sioux City East

Keagan who stands 6’3 (230) isn't hiding from anyone this season. An East

defense that lost a ton of firepower will be looking for Augustine to have some impressive

numbers in 2023. His goal of a (10) plus sacks and (60) tackle season would please second year coach Mike Winklepleck. Augustine is a kid who has the physical characteristics of a good player but his football mind and high motor make him a step above most. Tying all that

together is Augustine's Mom, his inspiration, whom he said; “If she can give her all to me and my brothers than I can give my all back to her whether on the football field or in the


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