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SSI Football: Class A Iowa State Final #2 Woodbury Central (12-0) vs #3 West Hancock (11-1)!


The Wildcats have four quarters standing in their way from a state championship and the hurdle in their way is the West Hancock Eagles. After the semifinal loss last year to Grundy Center the Wildcats spent countless hours in the weight room, film room, and practice field just to get back to Cedar Falls and this season is showing the fruit of that labor.

A perfect (12-0) record (4600+) offensive yards (67) Td's (537) total tackles and (22) forced turnovers to play in the first state championship game for Woodbury Central since 1980. We asked Head Coach Kurt Bremer a few questions about the matchup and what he's looking forward to seeing on the field come kickoff.

West Hancock will be the third team in a row your team has faced that is extremely run heavy. What adjustments have you and your staff been able to make knowing the game will be dictated in the trenches?

“Our staff all year has done a tremendous job making sure we have a good scheme put together and making sure our athletes are in positions to make plays. The time spent in the film room, breaking down offenses as well as going through different scenarios the kids will see Friday nights has put us in the position we are in now.”

Q. On the year the Eagles have forced 26 turnovers returning 5 for scores. In a game that will more than likely be dictated by the turnover margin what has been the message to the offensive skill position players this week?

“That's something we have preached from day one is ball security. Kluender has done a great job as the year has progressed taking care of the football and when our other playmakers get the ball they have done an excellent job as well. We don't want to give our opponent any extra possessions.”

Q. The culture is contagious in Moville. How has the development of athletes (Pre-High school) helped your program get to where it is today?

“Small town Friday Night Lights, it's everything you see in the movies. This town and community rally around these kids and it makes for a great atmosphere. Once the success is put in place the younger kids want to keep it alive and the attitude changes once you have some success. You never know if a kid is going to get bigger or stronger but you want the passion to always be there.”

Q. For the coin flip, are you a coach that wants to receive and put an opening drive together or play the adjusting game and save the ball for the opening possession in the second half?

“This year if we win the flip we want the ball. The last few games, the teams we have played like to control the time of possession so the more offensive snaps the better. Adjustments will be made at halftime regardless but starting out with the early momentum after a successful opening drive is key to our success.”

Q. What would a win mean to this program?

“Oh man, Everything! It's been a long 43 years. These kids have worked so hard since maybe even before they were freshman and to come out on top would mean everything. We have a prideful group and great support system around them and it would be awesome to gift Moville with a state title ”

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