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SSI Football Interview with Caleb Garnand of Lawton-Bronson!

Updated: Jul 27, 2022


Caleb Garnand, a Junior at Lawton-Bronson high school, is a well-spoken, determined athlete. Garnand was a 2021 1st Team All-District Wide Receiver and was apart of 2021 Academic All-District! Here is what Caleb had to say about the upcoming season...

Question: Do you have any team goals heading into this season?

Answer: Yes, I have a lot of faith in this young team we have. The goals that would be perfect for us this year is to be better than we were last year as well as getting better defensively.

Question: Do you have any personal goals heading into this season?

Answer: I'm always looking to get better stats every year, move receiving yards, and more touchdowns. Defensively, I am going for over thirty five tackles with a couple interceptions.

Question: Have you done any summer training? If so, what have you been focusing on?

Answer: I have been lifting weights during the week days and running speed drills with my coaches. I have been focusing on my speed and quick feet, for it will help me with getting off the line quicker and beating my defenders.

Question: Do you have any scholarship offers?

Answer: I do not have any offers but I have a few interests from colleges.

Question: What is going to make this season different than your previous season?

Answer: This season will be filled with experience. Last year we had a lot of sophomores and freshman that got a lot of playing time. This experience is helping us pick up on the varsity side of football better than last year. Our pass game this year is going to be a lot better with the speed we have lined up and defensively we have more physical players and guys who are willing to hit.

Question: When does your team camp begin?

Answer: Our team camp was July 17-19 at Central College.

Question: Where is your dream place to play football and why?

Answer: My dream place to play football was always at the University of Arkansas as I grew up being a fan and thinking of myself being there.

Question: What motivates you the most to continue improving your game?

Answer: What motivates me the most is showing other people I can do it. Showing others that I can make it to the next stage of football.

Question: What's your biggest piece of advice you've gained from a coach?

Answer: My biggest piece of advice I've gained from a coach was that it didn't matter about the size of the person or how strong they were, as long as I am faster and quicker I could beat them.

Thank you for your time, Caleb, and good luck this season!

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