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Bishop Heelan Head Football Coach Chad Moseman Resigns

Coach Moseman made the following announcement in a Press Release this morning released by the Heelan Athletic Department. SSI wishes Coach Moseman and his family well. I enjoyed working with Coach, staff and his players. Best wishes to the Crusaders in their search for a replacement in their tradition rich program!

Chad Moseman has made the decision to step away from his role as head football coach at Bishop Heelan Catholic High School. Bishop Heelan thanks Coach Moseman for his time with the Heelan football program and the work he did with the young men at Bishop Heelan Catholic High School both on and off the field.

Coach Moseman said “I am stepping down as the Head Football Coach at my beloved alma mater Bishop Heelan Catholic High School. I can not preach family, while missing my own sons’ games. This was a very difficult decision, as I love Bishop Heelan and moreover, I love my players! We have weathered the storm of Covid while building a strong foundation for success. I am especially proud of our Bible studies and discussions about Christ, as those discussions will have far greater impact on our players’ life than any other single thing. I see a bright future for Bishop Heelan Football with several of our athletes out for multiple sports, the work ethic in the weight room has been fantastic and many of our players have had varsity experience playing the second toughest schedule in the state. It will be sad not being with them as these young men will win several games over the next few years and beyond. However, I will be watching and will always be available to the players. God, Family, Heelan. Go Crusaders!”

Bishop Heelan Co-Athletic Director Andy Foster said of the departure: “This was not an easy decision for Coach Moseman. He was, and still is, excited for the future of Bishop Heelan football. Coach has spent countless hours talking to family all while thinking about how much he loves Bishop Heelan Catholic High School. After a lot of thought and prayer, Coach has decided to make a change for this coming fall. We want to recognize the passion, effort & energy Coach Moseman, a Heelan graduate & former team captain, poured into his alma mater. Thank you, Coach. We wish you the best of luck.”

“Thank you Coach Moseman for your commitment to the student-athletes at Bishop Heelan. We wish you well,” said Dr. John Flanery, President of Bishop Heelan Catholic Schools.


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