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West Sioux Falcons Kick Their Way Into Iowa 1A Title Game!

You either saw it or heard about the 21-yd field goal kicked by senior Noel Lopez in double overtime that split the uprights for a 24-21 victory and sent the Falcons into the state title game this Thursday at 4pm versus undefeated Van Meter (12-0). The Bulldogs defeated Dyersville 28-7. The Falcons win was an incredible statistical anamoly with the Falcons piling up 522 total yards to the Wolverines 123 total yards. Stay tuned to SSI website and twitter this week for complete pre-game coverage prior to Thursday's kickoff. I will take a deep dive into Thursday's exciting state title match-up with stats, quotes and interviews from the Falcons for our scouting report segment released Wednesday. SSI will also produce a podcast posted Wednesday night with thoughts on the Falcons and Bulldogs! Best of luck and safe travels for all Falcon followers.


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