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So Far this year anyone who has lined up across from the Cardinals has suffered a loss. Come kickoff Friday at 7:00pm a top ranked Millard West team comes to town looking to spoil the undefeated season. Hear from Coach Dickerson as the Cardinals prepare for their biggest challenge this season.


  • This year the offensive numbers have taken off for you guys especially in the rushing category. What has the Offensive line been able to do effectively through the first four games?

"Our offensive line has been executing at a very high level through our first 4 games. We also have more depth on the OL which has allowed us to keep guys fresh. Through the first 4 games, we have rotated 7 different guys on the OL with our first offense, and they have done a great job of understanding the scheme, and going out and doing their job."

  • Tony is a special back that can break free for a touchdown any play does that help open the playbook for you guys offensively, since there are extra eyes on him?

"The past couple of weeks we have been seeing more guys in the box, which has opened things up for us in the passing game. Our run/pass game has been very complimentary so far this season. We have guys with the ability to make plays in the pass game, and then our backs and OL have done a great job of executing in the run game."

  • What will you guys need to do on the defensive side of the ball to be successful Friday?

"Millard West is a very physical team up front. Defensively, our front 7 will have to match their physicality. Millard West is very multidimensional on offense, and they have a lot of playmakers on that side of the football. Defensively, it will be very important for us to play assignment football."

  • Being a step up in classes what challenges does Millard West pose?

"In all 3 phases of the game, Millard West has a lot of size and speed. Up front, they play a very physical game offensively and defensively. On the outside, they have multiple players who are capable of making big time plays."

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