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The Black Raiders return home after a narrow loss to Glenwood 28-24 last Friday. East Head Coach Mike Winklepleck, talks on how camp finished and what needs to happen Friday at Olsen Stadium to walk out with a win versus Sergeant Bluff. Kickoff is at 7:00PM. The game will also be streamed on MetroSportsTV.


Notable Stats from Week 1

  • Cal Jepsen, QB

20/40 passing 347yards 2tds

  • Myles Wegher, RB/WR

73 rushing yards & 1td / 100 receiving yards 1td

  • Myles Wegher, Michael Williams, & Richard Stewart, WR

All three players had over 100 yards receiving 2tds

Q. After looking over the film form Glenwood, what corrections need to be made for you guys to be successful Friday night?

  • Coach: "We need to be more efficient on third down, do a better job on finish drives especially in the red zone, and get off the field when we can on Defense by not making errors and giving the opposition a fresh set of downs"

Q. Losing as many Senior as you did last year what improvement have you seen from the underclassmen as they step into bigger rolls this year?

  • Coach: "All the kids have been working hard. They get the game plan and understand their job on the field. everyone has put themselves in the right position to make plays for us"

Q. Defensively what are you wanting to neutralize form SB-L's offense?

  • Coach: "SBL is Balanced, we know we have to win the game upfront and force them into uncomfortable situations. They are very well coached, Coach Smith is an incredible coach, so we know he will have his guys ready"

Q. What position group has made the biggest stride since the beginning of camp?

  • Coach: "Our skill guys. Wide Receivers and Defensive Backs have bought into our system and elevated since the start of camp. We are excited for those guys to make plays for us all season long. I'm really happy with the growth and improvement by all our guys the way they handle themselves and prepare every week is what we want form a Raider football player."

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