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SSI Teams Up With Iowa Safety Cooper DeJean In (NIL) Debut

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

I am proud to announce that SSI has taken a step into the (NIL) Name Image Likeness endorsement world now allowed by NCAA Division 1 athletics. My invitation to true freshman DeJean was an easy decision. The two time state football champ and 2020 Iowa Gatorade player of the year is an excellent student athlete and one who Siouxland kids should admire and emulate on and off the field.

DeJean is an extremely humble young man. I enjoyed working with him and his family to endorse my website launch and assist in social media platform visibility for SSI. I personally wish DeJean a healthy and productive career at the University of Iowa. We will be following and updating his progress along the way! Go Hawks!

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This site is going to be so good for all coaches, players, but more importantly the fans. Its about time someone did this right. Thank you SSI. This will benefit so many people here in Northwest Iowa..




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