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SSI Football: Tragic Loss For SC East Football

One week ago this Friday, I was eating lunch at Buffalo Alice downtown. I saw Football Coach Mark Larson from Sioux City East across the way and we approached each other and exchanged pleasantries. It was good to see coach and of course we talked football right away. You could see his excitement for the upcoming season through his smile. I am guessing I looked much the same way as Coach :)

We continued to talk and he asked about my family and we had a good discussion although brief, but he made an impact on me and made my day better by coming into contact with him. I am confident that this was much like how his many players he coached had thought of him. After I left Buffalo Alice, I made a note in my notebook to ask Coach Larson to lunch sometime soon so we can further our discussion. I absolutely love talking to Coaches. I find most to have wisdom that they have drawn on from so many different experiences which I find fascinating.

Another weekend had come and gone and I was on social media that following Monday on August 20th and saw the news that Coach Larson had passed away. I was devastated by the news because I had just visited with Coach. If you are meaning to contact someone or owe somebody a phone call I urge you to do it because life is to fragile and you may not have another opportunity. I always believed if you treat someone right, they will always remember how you made them feel. Thanks Coach Larson for making my day last Friday with our talk and I wish you eternal peace as it is so deserved. Go Black Raiders!!

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